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It is the perfect time to incorporate a little bit of creativity into your wedding planning and this can be done by creating a Housewarming Invitation Template. You can create a unique one for each guest who has come to the wedding and the number of invitations you will need is dependent on the guests. You will need about 3 housewarming invitations per guest. There are several variations of the invitation, but there are a few very basic things that all types of housewarming invitations should have.

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The first thing that you should include is a large picture of the reception and the bridal party. This will allow them to remember you’re happy occasion and you can always keep a duplicate of the invitations as well. You may want to make them with a photograph of the wedding and the two of you because they will have a good idea of how the reception went. They will also feel comfortable sending thank you notes to all of the attendants and hosts of the event. Include a picture of the bride and groom on the invitation too.

If you can, you can include the guests’ facts of the day, the location of the reception, and the weather conditions if it was warm. Some guests may think that they are aware of the details of the event, but not all guests will appreciate the details and their feelings may change. Remember that the guests that were there on your wedding day may have already forgotten the details.

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There are several variations on the traditional housewarming invitations, such as anniversary invites, bridal shower invites, baby shower invites, etc. All of these invitations have the same basic requirements as the ones that you will have received during the wedding day itself.

A housewarming invitation template is especially good if you plan to send out the invitations by mail. Your guests will love being able to send back a card by mail to themselves and friends and family. If you can get a printer at the same location, you will find that you can print all of the necessary information onto a card without having to worry about paper and ink.

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Another advantage of sending out the card by mail is that you can create some forms in the correct order and include this in the appropriate pages on the card. You can include some photos of the couple, of the two of you, and the location of the reception, but you do not have to include the guest list because there will be enough room on the invitation card for that as well.

Creating a housewarming invitation is a lot of fun and it is possible to include a lot of personalized touches with the guest card. You will find it easiest to create the template yourself using a computer and the right software for creating this template.

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